Wooden docks

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Builder of wooden docks in the Laurentians

Nature lovers choose a wooden dock for its aesthetics and a rustic look that blends right into the landscape. Most of our customers opt for a floating wooden dock because it is easy to install.

The specialist in wooden docks for 25 years

We at Lafantaisie Dock have been building custom wooden docks for 25 years. All our docks are built using torsion bars at strategic locations to keep the dock from twisting, so it can serve all your leisure needs for years and years to come. All the hardware we use is made by us at our workshop. For aesthetic reasons, our wooden docks also feature a wooden structure that hides the floats.

Here are the main features of our wooden docks:

  • Structure and decking:  Yellow pine, cedar or Terra wood (environmentally friendly pressure-treated wood)
  • Hardware: Galvanized steel or stainless steel (optional)
  • Hinges: Galvanized steel
  • Installation: Floating, semi-floating

Contact us if you have a waterfront property in the Laurentians or Lanaudière regions or on Montreal’s North Shore. We’re very generous with our advice.