Winterizing and reinstalling your floating dock

Winterizing and reinstalling your floating dock

When fall arrives, it’s time for chores to prepare your outdoor area for winter. If you’re lucky enough to live near a lake, winterizing the dock is a priority since it must be done before the water freezes.

The good news is, if you’ve purchased one of our aluminum docks, they’re lightweight and really easy to take out of the water.

Here’s a simple step-by-step procedure to take the dock out of the water for winter.

  1. First, always remove all your accessories before winter, to keep them from getting damaged or swept away by the current.If you have one of our aluminum docks, there’s nothing simpler. All you need is a 9/16 ratchet. Remove the bolts and latches that fasten each accessory onto the rail, and then remove the accessories.
  2. If you have a floating dock, unhook it from its chains and attach a marine-type nylon rope to the chains.Because the chains are affixed to underwater anchors resting on the bottom, this type of floating rope will give you easy access to the chains when it’s time to reinstall the dock in spring. Make sure the rope is long enough to float at the surface of the water.
  3. Disconnect the hinges from the farthest section of the dock and bring it to shore.
  4. Do the same for each section.
  5. Don’t forget to secure every section for the winter.

Move them in, far enough away from the shore, and if necessary, tie them securely to prevent them from being swept away by ice or current.

And there you go. Your dock is winterized. It’s that easy!

Here’s the simple procedure for reinstalling your dock in the spring:

  1. Once the ice is gone, start by installing the section closest to shore and then continue with the farther ones.
    You’ll need a few tools, including a level, to make sure the fixed section is level; a sledgehammer, to drive in the stakes; and a tool to tighten the bolts (9/16 rachet, power screwdriver).
  2. When fitting together the dock sections, make sure all the hinges are connected with acetal protectors.If you have any missing parts, you can always stop by one of our stores for replacements.
  3. On the dock section farthest from shore, reattach the chains securely.
  4. Install the chains in a cross (X) to hold the dock more solidly.
  5. Reinstall your dock accessories.

See how to install accessories on a dock.

Now you’re all set to enjoy your dock and the summer fun! Stop by our Saint-Sauveur or Sainte-Agathe locations at any time to get parts, accessories or a new dock section, or just to ask questions.

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