Advantage Series Docks

Our Advantage Series dock is the most affordable dock in our collection. It features a lightweight and sturdy aluminum design. Offered in Terra™ wood and a size of 4 ft. x 12 ft., Advantage Series docks are easy to transport and easy to install. We also offer an optional floating or semi-floating version and optional cedar decking.

Our Advantage Series dock lives up to its name! Firstly, it offers easy assembly to create the design you need. But there is more . . . Given its modular structure, it is possible to link several sections and create the dock surface you need using our hardware. Few docks offer such manoeuvrability.

Red cedar or Terra treated wood decking? It’s up to you! Meticulously designed and crafted in our workshop, the Advantage Series dock is your pay-and-go solution. But rest assured, you can also have it delivered to your property if you prefer.

In any case, this aluminum dock allows you to make significant savings while enjoying the renowned quality of Quai Lafantaisie.