Installing accessories on a dock

Installing accessories on a dock

Our aluminum docks are equipped with a rail system, making it easy to attach a whole range of accessories. No drilling required.

Each accessory installs easily with our bolt and latch system. Just use a 9/16 ratchet to attach your accessories around the dock.

Here’s how to install accessories on a dock.

Insert the base of the bracket into the bottom of the rail rim. Make sure the latches are pointing the right way. The flat ends must be rotated clockwise. This process applies to all the dock accessories sold by Quai Lafantaisie.

You can easily install and reposition accessories along the aluminum structure, anywhere on the dock. Our goal is to make our docks and accessories user-friendly and super easy to install.

Discover our collection of ramps, benches, stairs, lights and other accessories to set up your dock for maximum enjoyment.

See the video with our tips on winterizing your dock in the fall.

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