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Floating docks

Quai flottant de bois dans les Laurentides

Aluminum and cedar docks

Floating docks are versatile and adapt to all water levels. Here are several variations featuring cedar decking.

Quai de plastique recyclé avec support à canots

Aluminum and ThruFlow recycled plastic docks

In this category, you’ll find our line of 100% Canadian, environmentally-friendly and maintenance-free products. Like all our docks, our aluminum and ThruFlow recycled plastic docks are made right at our facilities.


Aluminum and Terra® wood docks

Terra® wood is eco-certified according to the standards in force for bodies of water in Quebec. The treatment used for this wood gives it a beautiful colour.

Quai de bois avec bateau et ponton

Wooden docks

Our floating docks made of 100% wood can be adapted to the look of your home or cottage. Our advisors can recommend various wood types according to their properties.